SM65 High Speed Strapping Machine


  • Speed: 65 straps per minute
  • Strap Coil Size: 8×8
  • Strap Thickness: 1/2” wide (1/4”, 3/8”, polypropylene strapping options also available)
  • Arch Size 650mm x 500mm (Other arch sizes exist for varying strap thickness)
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The SM65 is, quite simply, the best value available in today’s marketplace for strapping machines. At 65 straps per minute, it is lightning fast. Available in several different arch and strap sizes, the SM65 is an excellent strapper for a broad range of applications. The state of the art strapping head has 30% fewer parts than comparable strapping machines, and utilizes brushless DC motors. The result is a high speed strapping machine that consumes less power, requires fewer adjustments, and minimal maintenance. The extensive list of standard features on the SM65 is listed below. Plus, it’s backed by the best warranty in the industry, 99% parts availability within 24 hours, and unlimited, free telephone support for the life of the machine. If you are looking for a fast, reliable strapper that is operator and maintenance friendly, you can’t get a better value than the SM65.

Arch size: 650mm x 500mm 1/2" strap

Custom pricing is available as several arch sizes exist for varying strap thickness.

PAC Strapping SM-65 PDF

Additional information


PAC Strapping Products



Product Type

Arch Strapper

Tension Capacity

2 – 100 pounds

Optimal Throughput

Up to 65 Straps/Min

Strap Coil Size

8" x 8"

Strap Thickness


Working Height

32.3" – 36.2"


  • Patented Easy Strap Access: to the strapping channel requires no tools.
  • Quick Coil Change: Strap is changed at waist height and automatically fed, no more crawling on the floor One Piece Strap Track design eliminates dusting and guarantees parallel straps
  • Sensor Controlled Heater: Heat seals are consistent and highly reliable
  • Jam Free Technology: Missed straps are ejected and the SM65 returns to the ready position
  • Foot Bar Switch Provides “hands free” operation
  • Adjustable Table Height: The table height is adjustable to any height between 32.3” and 36.2” (820mm-920mm)
  • Photocell Activation: Several options can be programmed when this feature is activated
  • Pivoting Control Panel: Allows the operator to access the control panel from either side of the machine


Specification Measurement Comments
Model SM65
Type Arch 650mm x 500mm
Strapping Speed Up to 65 Straps per minute
Machine Length 48 inches
Machine Width 25.6 inches
Machine Height 59.25
Machine Table Height 32.3  – 36.2 inches
Machine Shipping Weight 352 pounds
Machine Shipping Size
Strap Coil Size: 8×8
Strap Thickness: 1/2” 1/4”, 3/8” Optional
Tension Capacity: 2 to 100 pounds
Electrical Power: 110V, Single phase 50/60 Hz, 5 Amps 230V available as an option



  • Foot Pedal Switch
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • 230V available as an option