Auto PAC 300 Strapping Machine


  • Speed: 30 cycles per minute
  • Strap Coil Size: 8×8. 9×8
  • Strap Thickness: 1/2” (3/8″ optional)
  • Arch Size: 850mm x 600mm (other sizes available)
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The Auto PAC 300 is a proven, reliable strapper. It is ideal for moderate to high volume applications where 9mm (3/8”) (optional) or 12mm (1/2”) strap is the preferred material. The Auto PAC 300 is fast, consistent, and reliable. In addition, it has all the “user friendly” features, usually found on machines costing thousands of dollars more. The Auto PAC 300 is completely supported with one of the best warranties in the industry, over 99% parts availability within 24 hours, and unlimited, free telephone support for the life of the machine.

Arch Size: 850mm x 600mm 1/2"

Custom pricing is available as several arch sizes exist for varying strap thickness.

Auto PAC300 PDF


Additional information


PAC Strapping Products


Auto Pac 300

Product Type

Arch Strapper

Tension Capacity

15-150 pounds

Optimal Throughput

Up to 30 Straps/Min

Strap Coil Size

8" or 9" ID by 8" wide cores

Strap Thickness


Working Height



  • Lubricated Free Strapping Head: The strapping head never needs lubrication.
  • Auto Feeding: Loading strap is automatic, activated by pressing the feed switch.
  • Jam Free Automatic Re-Feeding: In the event of any feeding problems, the strap is automatically re-fed into the strapping head, and the machine returns to the ready position.
  • Loop Ejection: Missed straps are automatically ejected from the machine, and the Auto PAC 300 re-sets itself.
  • End of Strap Sensor: If the coil does not have enough strap to complete the cycle, the Auto PAC 300 ejects the short piece, and the machine is immediately ready for a new coil
  • Three Activation Methods: The Auto Pac 300 can be activated manually, with a foot pedal, or with a standard photocell.
  • Electronic Tension: Tension is controlled electronically, yielding consistent tension.
  • Improved Speed: Up to 30 cycles per minute.
  • CE Certified


Specification Measurement Comments
Model Auto PAC 300
Strapping Speed 30 cycles per minute
Machine Length 56.3 inches
Machine Width 24.4 inches
Machine Height 60.6
Machine Table Height 31.9 inches
Machine Shipping Weight 485 pounds
Machine Shipping Size
Strap Coil Size: 8×8, 9×8
Strap Thickness: 1/2”  3/8″ optional
Tension Capacity: 15 to 150 pounds
Electrical Power: 110V, Single phase 50/60 Hz



  • Stainless