Predator XS High Profile Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap System


  • Up to 12 RPM rotating table can deliver 25-35 loads per hour
  • 20″ Roll Width Capacity
  • 70” max load height
  • 48”x48” Octagonal platform
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The Predator XS is designed with extra features that surpass all preconceived notions of performance and value in semi-automatic systems.

The Predator XS provides greater film savings as well as improved performance with Select-Stretch™. Allen-Bradley PLC, automatic film cut, AC drives, and Fast Film Feed makes the Predator XS the most advanced and reliable solution available.

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Additional information


Highlight Industries


Predator XS High Profile

Product Type

Semi-Automatic High Profile Stretch Wrapper

Standard Load Dimensions

85" Diagonal

Standard Turntable Weight Capacity

4000 pounds

Standard Stretch Wrap Height


Max Loads An Hour



  • Select-Stretch™ offers greater film performance with 230% and 270% gears
  • Automatic film cut improves productivity and saves time
  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC and AC drive system provide greater performance and reliability
  • Automatic Film Cut: Automatically cutting the film at the end of the wrap cycle improves productivity up to 30%.
  • Select-Stretch: Select Stretch™ allows you to quickly change your pre-stretch level from 230% to 270% with the press of a button.
  • Safety Features: Control panel is keyed to prevent unauthorized access and will automatically power down when opened. The film carriage will safely stop if an obstruction is detected.
  • Side-Mounted Carriage with Fast Film: Feed Side mounted carriage with Fast Film Feed for easy and quick film threading.
  • High or Low Profile: Highlight will build the correct system for your application. The Predator XS is available in either High or Low Profile. The High Profile can be easily loaded with a fork lift. The Low Profile can use an optional ramp for loading with hand pallet jacks.


  • Scale to wrap and weigh loads: heavy duty load-cell scale with digital readout for ease of wrap and weigh, includes splitting the frame (must be calibrated by a certified scale company once installed, not included in price).
  • Advanced Infra-Red Sensor: detects dark, reflective, or hard to see products.
  • Turntable Powered Roller Conveyor: 50” Effective Width, 60” Length, Chain Drive, 2 ¾” Roller Centers, 2 ½” Diameter Rollers, AC Motors, 18” Pass Height, 0-30 FPM, 4,000 lb. Weight Capacity.
  • 30” Film Carriage: wider film allows faster wrapping times and increased production rates.
  • Gravity Roller Conveyor with Manual Roller Lock: 2 1/2” diameter rollers on 2 3/4” centers, 52” effective width except transition rollers, operator must rotate lever to lock conveyor roller brake. Note: wrapping height reduced to 70”.
  • Entry Gravity Roller Conveyor: 2 1/2” diameter rollers on 2 3/4” centers, 52” effective width except transition rollers.
  • Gravity Roller Conveyor with Automatic Air Roller Lock: 2 1/2” diameter rollers on 2 3/4” centers, 52” effective width except transition rollers, airbrake locks conveyor rollers automatically when turntable rotates. Note: wrapping height reduced to 70”.
  • Exit Gravity Roller Conveyor: 2 1/2” diameter rollers on 2 3/4” centers, 52” effective width except transition rollers. Pallet stop at end of conveyor for forklift pickup.
  • Film Fingers: Film Fingers can reinforce the edges of the top and bottom of the film for greater strength, or to narrow the film width for applications that require ventilation. Adjustable fingers mount on a sliding bracket affixed to the carriage.
  • Electric Top Platen: electric top platen with 53 inches of stroke (from 25–78 inches).
  • Basic Cold Package: designed for operation in cold environment down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Includes panel heater with thermostat and upgraded components to protect controls and electronics.
  • 5,000 lb Weight Capacity HP Turntable: 5,000-pound capacity heavy duty caster drive system and larger 1 HP motor and gear reducer
  • 220 Volt – 50/60 Hertz 15 Amp Electrical: A transformer and disconnect are added to the machine. This allows machines to accept 220 Volt 15 Amp via transformer. Because of the different configurations, the customer is responsible for the plug and cord.
  • Predator Semi-Automatic Custom Enamel Paint Color: Customer supplied paint chip required for best color match. The Predator is painted with one custom color replacing the standard Predator green color for the complete machine including electrical enclosure. Highlight will use our standard paint supplier and paint processes. If additional colors or other customer specifications are required, please consult us for quote. Increases lead time by 2 weeks.
  • 6,000 lb Weight Capacity HP Turntable: 6,000-pound capacity ring bearing support with double banded V belt driver system and larger 1 HP motor and gear reducer.
  • Split Frame HP Turntable for Wide Loads: separates the turntable and tower frame for wrapping larger diagonals or to be mounted over existing scale. Includes flexible sealtite conduit for 40” of distance from tower to turntable.
  • Standard High Profile Split Tower and Turntable: with 3 feet of cable from the tower base to the turntable. This option for has the same 74” diagonal capacity (52” x 52”) as a standard system. Includes standard photo sensor
  • Extended High Profile Split Tower and Turntable: with 4 feet of cable from the tower base to the turntable. This option for has the same 96” diagonal capacity as a standard system. Includes infrared red defused photo sensor for extra distance. Turntable speed is reduced to 8 RPM because of the larger diagonal capacity and film demand rate. Note – Questionnaire with load size information required for this option to be sure the load is properly supported.
  • Dual HP Turntables: two 4000 lb Capacity HP turntables. Dual turntables increase production rates because one load may be wrapped while the other is being loaded/unloaded from the table.
  • Wrap Height Extension to 118”: extended tower for wrapping up to 108” tall, based on 18” film with no neckdown.


Specification Measurement Comments
Standard Turntable Size – High Profile 48”x48” Octagonal
Standard Load Weight Capacity 4000 pounds
Turntable Rotation Speed 12 RPM
Loads Wrapped per Hour 25 to 35
Wrap Modes Wrap Up/Down Up Only
Standard Load Height – High Profile 70 inches
Machine Weight 1,050 lbs
Electrical Power 115 Volts, 15 Amp
Motor AC