SR-200 In-Line Slitter/Rewinder


  • Maximum Supply Material Width – 10” (270-mm)
  • Maximum Roll Diameter – 8” (204-mm)
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All-in-one Label Slitter/Rewinder with 3 Slitting Blades. Designed specifically for in-line use, now you can slit and rewind labels directly from your printer without placing any stress whatsoever on the printer!

Label Slitters are a quick and easy way to slit down multiple-across label rolls. These “Stand Alone’ Slitting units are designed to be set in place on the output of your label material so the label material can pass through and be slit into individual rolls. Slitters have high-precision, break-away blades for clean, even slitting of material.

SR-200 PDF

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LabelMate USA

Product Type



  • Customer specifies rewind/slit direction at the time of order: either Left to Right, or Right to Left.
  • Maximum Supply Material Width – 10” (270-mm)
  • Maximum Roll Diameter – 8” (204-mm)
  • Includes three HSB-10 Cutting Blades, and three SP-76-220AL Aluminum Separator Plates
  • Fully adjustable rewind tension


  • PCS-1 Digital Label Counter
  • BH-1 additional Blade Holder Assy
  • SP-76-220AL additional Aluminum Separator Plate.


Specification Measurement Comments
Max Roll diameter 8″
Max Media Width 10″
Max Roll Weight 15 lbs
Core Diameter 3″
Max Speed (IPS) 25 (635 mm)
Label Types opaque & transparent labels
Gaps Required between Labels No
Number of Blades 3
Number of Separator Plates 3
Number of Guide Flanges
Max Bottle Diameter
Min Bottle Diameter
Max Bottle Height
Min Bottle Height
Number of Labels per Bottle
Max Bottles per hour
Limited Warranty 3 years
Shipping Weight 45 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 22″x26″x22″