Phoenix E-4 Evantage Programmable Water Activated Electronic Tape Dispenser

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  • Hands free dispensing
  • Dispense rolls up to 7.5” in diameter
  • Tape widths from 1.5” – 3”
  • Program custom lengths

Phoenix Tape Dispensers deliver water activated tape with a smooth precise feed reducing cost in your shipping department.  The best seal for your shipping cartons is water activated tape (Kraft tape, gummed tape) to create a seal that is reliable against tampering or theft.  Phoenix Tape Machines seal in any environment; extreme cold, humidity or dust.

With traditional plastic or pressure sensitive tapes, shippers may use 4 to 6 pieces, water activated tape requires one piece of tape on each side of your box.  Water Activated Kraft Tape increase efficiency by reducing material and damaged boxes that lead to returns.  The tape delivery system delivers evenly moistened tape with a smooth precise feed every time, so you can guarantee a professional sealed package.

The Phoenix E-4 Evolution feeds, moistens and cuts tape to the desired measurement for your box reducing labor and maximizing efficiency.   Built with the professional packager in mind, we were the first to introduce a fully PCB driven taper to the market. Now, we introduce the first custom incremental length unit.  Program custom lengths up to a tenth of an inch, 1.5 to 3 inches wide and up to 600 feet in length.  The Phoenix E4 comes equipped with a level 3 brush moistening system that when combined with the Perfectemp© top heater gives the best seal in the industry.

The Phoenix E-4 Evolution is an absolute workhorse with the added functionality of on-demand printing. With features like front-mounted keypad, self-oiling cutter, thermostat controllable heater and a uniform three brush moistening system.  The Phoenix E-4 Evolution is ideal for most packaging applications. The continuous bottom edge crimp gives stability. The tape delivery system delivers tape with a smooth precise feed. Utility top is great for those easily misplaced items like markers, pens, carton knives, handstamps etc.

The Phoenix E-4 Evolution has the added feature of a photoelectric sensor for hands free capabilities.  Simply program the length you want and reach for the tape, this is especially useful for long runs of similarly sized cartons.

All Phoenix dispensers come standard with a one year parts and labor warranty for added peace of mind.

Phoenix E4 Tape Dispenser PDF

Additional information




E-4 Evantage

Product Type

Electric Tape Dispenser

Tape Length

Up to 600ft

Tape Width

1.5" – 3"

Tape Diameter

Up to 7.5"


  • Built in the USA
  • Program custom lengths
  • Evolution printers add-on
  • Handheld sensor integration
  • Photo eye for hands free tape dispensing
  • 1 touch custom preset lengths
  • Available in 220V


  • 220v option kit
  • 1,000′ attachment (feet, tape plate, tape guides)
  • Barcode scanner


Specification Measurement Comments
Model Phoenix E-4
Type Electronic
Tape Length Up to 600ft
Tape Width 1.5″ – 3″
Tape Diameter Up to 7.5″
Machine Weight 29 lbs
Electrical Power 120 V 220 V also available